Ethnic Bag Borneo, International Quality

Handbags are one of the most important accessory for a woman. Not a few women who use the bag as a supporting appearance.


Therefore, the design becomes the main thing to watch out for bag makers. In New Borneo Bag Design Competition 2012/2013, the participants are encouraged to make a bag inspired by the culture of Borneo, but still has a great design.

As a result, the three youngsters won the champion in this race. They are Michelle Maitlin, Vanessa AHRI, and Rev. Sri Hastomo. Of the 51 designs were entered, all three designs selected as the best.


Michelle who successfully won the first prize, claiming his bag designs inspired some elements typical of Kalimantan, such as hornbills, the Dayak tribal motifs, and korit. Designers from Surabaya is quite keen in adjusting the design of the bag to the needs of women. He made a large bag, because women tend to carry a lot of equipment assessed, such as makeup and gadgets.

To make two bags, Michelle had to grope money of 5 million. The funds are large enough recognition, because the bags are designed using leather material. Meanwhile, the bags designed by Michelle was selected as the first prize, because it is the jury has a trendy design that is ready to be marketed, detail, and the zoom is equally good with the international artificial bag.


As with Michelle, winner of two New Borneo Bag Design Contest 2012/2013, Vanessa AHRI, pleaded not pay big. To design the two bags, he only spent Rp 400 thousand. Bags designed this 21-year-old woman, it does look more simple. Meutia prefer to combine Jarai, korit with leather and batik.

“I look for yourself to traditional markets and sewing itself.’s Really a challenge,” said the student from the Bogor.


The third winner, Rev. Sri Hastomo, seacoast theme “Working / day bag” and Mara “Clutch”. Men from Solo has long claimed to have wrestle craft.

In making bags Kalimantan, Revelation also uses coconut shells as the handle of the bag. According to Revelation, bag making it only takes about two weeks. Meanwhile, the cost to be incurred to make the two bags is around Rp450 thousand.

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