Muscular Stomach Secret Behind A Korean girl band

South Korean girl band member is known to have a slim body and legs. When the display as seen on the stage, the beautiful woman does not even hesitate showing off their muscular stomach.


However, that of the abdominal muscular Korean girl band is apparently not all original. One member Korean girl band Rainbow, Go Woori admits that the secret behind his muscular stomach is make-up for the body.

“Perhaps many girl band members to do the same. Frankly, I find it difficult to form the abdominal muscles, so I draw it before taking the stage,” said Go Woori at the event Quiz to Change to World.


Following the recognition of Go Woori, a reporter named Ha Ji Young of Midnight TV Entertainment tried to trace it. He also did an interview with one of the makeup artist about the use of make-up to make your abdominal muscles.

“You can draw your abdominal muscles so it looks up. Due to light on stage is very strong, make-up can make the stomach look more toned. This is the make-up of the most common female celebrities for the awards show,” said makeup artist who did not unnamed as reported by Soompi page.


Makeup artist then shows how to draw a perfect abdominal muscles. To get the coveted abdominal muscles, he said, just needed a brush and dark make-up as when making shadows on the face.

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